Steyl then and now - our worldwide mission

 "If we do everything we can, God does the rest."

Arnold Janssen


Arnold Janssen was born in Goch am Niederhein, Germany in 1837. He was ordained a priest in Münster in 1861. In Steyl he founded three religious orders:

1875: the "Society of the Divine Word" (SVD)

1889 together with the Blessed Mothers Maria Helena Stollenwerk and Josefa Hendrina Stenmanns the missionary sister "Servants of the Holy Spirit" (SSpS) 

1896 together with mother Adolphine Thönnis the "Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration" (SSpSAP)


Arnold Janssen was canonized together with Josef Freinademetz in 2003.


"The only language all people understand is the language of Love"
Josef Freinademetz svd

the sarcophagus Saint Arnold Janssen in the lower church of Steyl 

The St. Michael Mission House in Steyl is the mother house of the SVD (Society of the Divine Word).


Saint Arnold Janssen founded a worldwide missionary movement here in 1875. Many thousands of men and women were sent from Steyl to all parts of the world.


The monastery buildings with their churches and gardens as well as the Steyl Mission Museum are witnesses to this special history and tradition.


Today, the three religious communities founded in Steyl include ten thousand fathers, brothers and sisters in 80 countries around the world. Together with their circles of friends and partners, they have committed themselves to the following:

  • proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • promote justice, peace and the integrity of creation
  • the understanding between peoples, cultures and religions
  • liberation from poverty and inhuman structures

one heart
many faces

"The Mission Museum of Steyl: One of the most beautiful museums of The Netherlands."

historical steam engine house of Steyl. 


A persons view of the world and a persons experience with God are as unique as every person is. That's why it's good to talk with each other.